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2023 Catholic Ministries Appeal

Prayers of the Faithful

The Catholic Ministries Appeal, in addition to meeting the financial needs of programs and services across southern Minnesota, calls on others to actively practice their faith. Prayer, therefore, plays a key role in conversion of heart that leads people to give generously in service to others.

The following petitions are suggested to be used either for announcement weekend, the weekend before your in-pew, or spread out one a week starting on announcement weekend (February 18-19) as an opportunity to reflect on the case elements of the appeal and the breadth of the diocesan family and the services they depend upon.

Week 1 (kick-off weekend) – Lord, we pray for the success of the Catholic Ministries Appeal in our parish and our diocese. Foster in our hearts a yearning to financially support those projects that build your Kingdom on earth, assist those who seek to know Christ better, and promote vocations of those called to minister the good news of Jesus Christ for years to come. We pray to the Lord.

Week 2 – We pray for this community of believers, that as we strive to be living witnesses of Your goodness, we may grow in faith and charity through our support of the 2023 Catholic Ministries Appeal and those ministries and services it funds. We pray to the Lord.

Week 3 – That as we participate in the 2023 Catholic Ministries Appeal, we will continue to embrace our calling as “Disciples of Christ, Stewards of His gifts.” We pray to the Lord.

Week 4 – That we will use the 2023 Catholic Ministries Appeal as an opportunity to come together with those in our parish and throughout the diocese as stewards committed to building up God’s kingdom through faith and charitable works. We pray to the Lord.

Week 5 – For the destitute of our diocese, both in life’s necessities and faith, that they may feel God’s compassion through each one of us as our gifts to the 2023 Catholic Ministries Appeal support the programs that provide for their needs. We pray to the Lord.

Week 6 – For the seminarians of our diocese who are discerning a call to the priesthood, and for all contemplating a vocation to religious life, that through our support of the 2023 Catholic Ministries Appeal, their journeys may be blessed and that one day, God willing, they will serve as humble shepherds and servants of God’s people. We pray to the Lord.

Week 7 – That we may respond generously to the 2023 Catholic Ministries Appeal as faithful stewards of the gifts God has entrusted to us. We pray to the Lord.

Week 8 – For an increase in faith-filled men who hear God’s gentle call to the priesthood. By our support of vocations through the Catholic Ministries Appeal, may they be encouraged to explore a lifetime of service to God’s people in the Church. We pray to the Lord.

Week 9 – For the children of our parish and in our diocese, that we, as the Body of Christ, continue to educate the youngest among us in the faith through our Catholic schools and religious education programs, which are supported by the Catholic Ministries Appeal. May we continue to take seriously this responsibility to teach and pass on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We pray to the Lord.

(When you see fit) – In thanksgiving for our parish’s generous support of the Catholic Ministries Appeal, which ensures that the vital ministries it funds will aid us in our journey as Disciples of Christ, Stewards of His gifts. We pray to the Lord.